"First SOCIMI with real estate investments, social impact and recurring returns that invests in non-prime areas with affordable rentals."

Ktesios invests in locations with great development potential, which offer greater profitability than preferential areas.

affordable rents in peripheral municipalities

with a favorable economic environment, well connected and with good quality services.

Assets concentrated in the same building

that allow the optimization of resources and reduction of operating costs.

No exposure to developer risk

fully finished homes and with first occupancy licenses.

Acquisition of properties

with discounts on market value.

Long-term rentals

backed by default insurance.

Profitability analysis

based on rents.

Real estate investments based on clearly defined pillars for organic and sustainable growth.

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To be able to offer services, optimal solutions and achieve our corporate objective, it is necessary to be surrounded by a team of professionals with experience, dedication and vocation. Therefore KTESIOS has delegated its integral management in RKS-AM

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