Cebolla (Toledo)

Cebolla is a municipality located in the province of Toledo, in the community of Castilla la Mancha. With a population of 3,204 inhabitants. Its economy is traditionally based on agriculture with a clear predominance of cereal crops, legumes, olive trees, etc. They also have high growth in the aluminum, construction, plaster and wood industries.

Building with houses that are distributed in living room, kitchen, 2 and 3 bedrooms, 1 and 2 bathrooms, garage and storage room. In a strategic area of ​​the municipality since it is located in the center of the municipality, close to entertainment venues, supermarkets and pharmacies.

Address: PL. Rollo 16.

Reform: 2022

No. assets: 32 dwellings

Area: 4.852 m2  

Occupancy ratio: 96,9%