Murcia (Murcia)

Murcia is a Spanish city and municipality, capital of the Region of Murcia. With a population of 462,979 inhabitants, it is also known as a university city. It is an important service center in which the tertiary sector has succeeded its former condition of agricultural exporter par excellence, thanks to its famous and fertile orchard, for which it was known as the “Orchard of Europe”. Among its most prominent industries are food, textiles, chemicals, distillation, and the manufacture of furniture and construction materials, many of them located in the West Industrial Estate, considered one of the largest on the peninsula.

Building with homes that are distributed in living room, kitchen, 1 and 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, garage and storage room, close to the city center where there are entertainment venues, schools, pharmacies and supermarkets.

Address: PS/ Florencia 4.

Reform: 2023

No. assets: 2 dwellings, 3 garages, 3 strogae rooms

Area: 255 m2  

Occupancy ratio: 0%